Determination and loyalty: how a former serviceperson can add value to your business

Determination and loyalty: how a former serviceperson can add value to your business
Piers wearing his uniform with pride on Remembrance Day at the Sanderson HQ


Professionally trained, multi-skilled and an invaluable work ethic are just some of the reasons why employing service members within your company can add real value and help drive your business forward.

As we approached Remembrance Day, we wanted to reach out to the MD of our Government & Defence sector to ask what it's like having a former serviceman on the team.

What do we get from our service personnel?

“They bring us the discipline and commitment that you would expect from a former serviceperson. They are fiercely loyal, and have the determination to not only succeed, but also to tackle problems head on and provide solutions.

“They unravel the vocabulary and acronyms of the MOD domain for us and bring to life the real challenges and applications that much of our efforts to support the military are having. In doing so, they connect our staff to the outcomes and the real mission. And, at this time, they remind us of the key role that our service people perform, in the past, the present and in the future – humbling as it is.” - Nick Walrond - Managing Director at Sanderson Government & Defence

We had the honour of speaking to Piers Stacey here at Sanderson Government & Defence. Who told us about his career within the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy and why it is important to remember those who have served on Remembrance Day.

“After a 19-year career in the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy, and now as a member of the Royal Naval Reserve service, I felt it appropriate to wear my uniform to work to commemorate and show respect for this very special occasion.

“Leaving the military has been much harder than I expected; although I now work for an incredible company with incredible people and leaders, I have at times felt that I have lost my sense of belonging, my purpose and my connection with my military family. Today has not only been about reconnecting with my past, but also celebrating that past with my new family here at Sanderson Government and Defence. My colleagues have shown interest in what my medals mean and have asked questions about my service; their genuine interest and curiosity in my past is humbling and shows a level of appreciation and gratitude that I never thought I would experience as a civilian.

“For me, today also represents a chance to remember those friends and colleagues who have paid the ultimate sacrifice during their service and remind myself that many more are struggling to cope with the less visible signs of war and conflict. My thoughts go out to all my brothers and sisters in arms today, whether serving at home or on active duty around the world, to friends and colleagues who I served alongside and to our fallen. We will remember them.” - Piers Stacey - Relationship Manager at Sanderson Government & Defence