G&D attend careers and advice event for SEND students

G&D attend careers and advice event for SEND students

Last week Sarah Mouneimneh and Nick Yarham from Sanderson Government & Defence attended a careers and advice event for SEND students across South Yorkshire.

The event, organised by Autism Plus, was a chance for forward-thinking employers to showcase their business and careers within their industry as well as provide information and advice to the next generation, inspire students, and raise their aspirations for their futures.

We reached out to Sarah and Nick to find out how the event went and to get their key takeaways…

"On the 16th of June I had the luxury and privilege to attend a 'Careers and Advice Event for SEND students' hosted & organised by Autism Plus' Suzanne Eusman. The event was based in Sheffield and I couldn't be more thrilled to be given the opportunity to share my story and meet the incredible students that have a lot to give. A highlight for me was when I a student asked me "was it hard?". I was overwhelmed by her question, because I seldom get asked that.

"The answer? It was and it still is. I'm having to negotiate every mask I've ever put on and re-establish my core identity on a daily basis and it is emotionally draining. But since stepping into the recruitment pathway, I made a choice to be 100% me, 100% of the time; because when it comes to autism, there are no compromises and it shouldn't just be acknowledged - it should be accepted. I walked away from the event feeling that I made a genuine difference, even if it was small. It's a start!" - Sarah Mouneimneh

Be 100% of yourself, 100% of the time!

“This was my first opportunity in a long time to attend an event where I wasn’t directly having to do my usual day job, which is fundamentally recruiting people. Instead, it was a brilliant and unique opportunity for us to share our knowledge and experiences with the students there.

“I started working nearly 40-years ago and employers’ knowledge on neurodiversity and special educational needs wasn’t really there and if it was, it was very minimal. But now as a young person looking for work, of course you will need to demonstrate your skills and superpowers to a future employer, but employers are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility and duty of care to provide a supportive, safe and attainable work environment.

“We had the chance to share our thoughts and wisdom with some really inspiring students and my biggest message to them throughout the day was to be 100% of yourself, 100% of the time" -  Nick Yarham