Sanderson hosts The Future of Digital – The Ecosystem!

Sanderson hosts The Future of Digital – The Ecosystem!

On the evening of 8th November 2018, Sanderson hosted an evening seminar entitled The Future of Digital – The Ecosystem! At the Malmaison hotel in Reading. The event brought together tech professionals in the Thames Valley for an evening of interesting discussion surrounding the future of the digital industry. The event set the premise that ‘digital’ is not merely the collection of online platforms, mobile applications, and social media; it is how we work with and consume technology in our increasingly connected world. On a business level, it’s an ecosystem where we access information, perform transactions, and get support through every possible touch point within an organisation.


The event was led by Jaco Vermeulen, who’s engaged with the Post Office Financial Services as their CTO and who managed their ‘Digital Transformation’ over the last 2 years. Topics included how to incorporate all aspects of the business into a digital operation; an exploration into the fundamental importance of data and how it is utilised by the company and customer; and finally, how the customer experience across all service points is fundamental to an organisation.

Each topic sparked a wealth of interesting conversation around the table between attendees and key terms that were on everyone’s lips were ‘User Enablement’ and ‘Customer Centricity’.

Sanderson’s Digital Delivery Manager, Khalid Razouki said:

“This was our first digital seminar where we discussed the future of digital. It was a great evening with a diverse range of people attending; representatives from organisations such as leading insurance business, exciting challenger banks, global tech giants and one of the UK’s most loved charities. The conversation and debates were incredibly insightful and whilst the focus was on digital, there were so many other interesting avenues within technology, business, and people that were explored. Given the success of this event, we will be organising a number of other events in 2019 across the UK, with London being the next city to host us! It went above expectations and I was really pleased with how well the evening went!”

Thank you to all those who attended!

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