Exclusive Business: Why working with one, can be better than working with many

Exclusive Business: Why working with one, can be better than working with many

Here at Sanderson, we don’t believe that one size fits all and the same goes for when working with exclusive businesses. It is our job to find out which process best fits your business, whether that is RPO, MSP, Sanderson Projects, Project RPO, the list goes on. But as well as this, communication, dedication, and partnerships are some of the key aspects Sanderson uphold when working with exclusive businesses. We spoke to Sam Morley, Jessica Alcock and Daniel Bateman here at Sanderson, on the positive outcomes of Exclusive Business in the North.

The Sanderson team in the North have been working with a North based client for six weeks under Project RPO to recruit for 15 technical permanent positions. The client found it hard to fill these roles themselves and had been seeing low engagement with job advertisements. They decided to engage with the Leeds team to initially fill 15 roles with a potential follow up of 30 if they are to be successful.

So, what went well?

The team managed to fill the first position in just one week, which was for a role the client had struggled to fill for around six months, which speak volumes in the successes working with exclusive businesses can have for both clients, candidates, and Sanderson.

Creating partnerships is an extremely important value at Sanderson, which is something the team maintained throughout every step when working with the North client and below are a few key points which are helping to build a long lasting and trusting relationship between the two parties.

Constant and open communication between Sanderson and the client has been incredibly important and has worked extremely well. This has helped to ensure the client is always kept in the know on how the recruitment process is going and gave Sanderson a chance to offer advice on things they could do differently such as reducing candidate requirements or cutting down interview stages from three to two or two to one, which has aided in the success of filling the positions.

Its important for both the client and Sanderson to understand where problems may lay within the recruitment process but there are many other benefits for the client which can come from the partnership.

What are the benefits for clients?

When getting your advertisement out there, through numerous agencies, there tends to be a culture to get as many CVs across to the client, without taking the time to filter out the candidates that would actually qualify for the position. Sanderson takes the time to understand your brand, what the project is and what it is you are looking for in a candidate, which helps with upholding a consistent message for your business and its branding. When there are four or five agencies pushing out for the same role you are looking to fill, it is never going to be the same message going out and representing your business to its full potential.

You will also have a committed account manager working with you to ensure the constant communication is always there and your work stays at the top of the pile. This person will be someone who holds accountability for your business. And no matter the workload you are requiring, the motivation and dedication remains, whether you are needing four positions filled or 40.

As well as this the time between CV to interview and interview to offer is greatly reduced, meaning you have more time to carry out your day-to-day tasks by passing on the responsibilities of recruiting to us. This also helps with the reduction of costs for you as an exclusive business.

What are the benefits for candidates?

Ensuring a positive experience as a candidate is just as important as the experience a client should receive. Sanderson aim to ensure the same strong communication is there, coaching candidates through every step of the process and ensuring that the process is as clear and stress free as it can be.

By creating a good relationship with you, Sanderson can then pass on the right inform to candidates and give updates on the process itself. Working with Sanderson can help to reduce the saturation of the position, guaranteeing the candidate isn’t receiving the same job posting from numerous agencies, which can end up knocking a candidate’s confidence, if the advertisement isn’t showing the client in the best possible way. Candidates can trust that the information they are receiving is correct and from a reliable source. Which ultimately can provide a much better success rate.

Just as clients wanting a smooth process, the same goes for candidates. Reducing the time between CV send and offer is a massive plus, it takes away that waiting stage, many candidates dislike about the hiring process. It also helps to give candidates a bit more flexibility during this time. For example, it can give them a chance to ask any questions they may have or extra time to think about the role and it not having such a negative impact on the process.

Overall, working with Sanderson as an Exclusive Business can be extremely beneficial for both your business, the hiring process and candidate experience. As well as the positive relationships built during this time, which can be utilised again and again, no matter the project, because sometimes working with one, can be better than working with many.