For crying out Cloud! The demand is sky-high for Cloud candidates

For crying out Cloud! The demand is sky-high for Cloud candidates

Over the past 12 months there has been a noticeable increase in demand for candidates with ‘Cloud’ experience across the Defence sector. Clients are, quite literally, crying out for Cloud.

Why is this?

1.       The Defence sector is now making more use of public Cloud to hold more ‘official’ information. Today it is easier to manage a secure cloud environment than it is to store on onsite premises.

2.      Swifter speed of patching therefore reducing the risk of vulnerability (AWS is the best example of this).

3.       Deploying security controls onto a public Cloud vs. on-premises is far more efficient.

4.       Clear audit trail of activity; cloud allows you to have greater control over authorization– who does what and from where.

What does all of this mean for Defence?

What does this mean for Defence?
Cloud-centric models to the rescue!


Defence is growing across all domains: land, sea, space, air, and cyber security. In order to remain competitive it has to fall in line with its competitors – speed is therefore key. We need access to the right information at the right time.

Arguably COVID-19 has been the catalyst here; this forced the Defence sector to adapt and we could no longer be dependent upon on premise data centres. Thus, Cloud-centric models came to the rescue! Organisations (including the MOD) have been forced to start their digital transformation by commencing their own Cloud migration.

What does this mean for candidates?

You're in demand
Candidates are in demand and there is plenty of investment in the sector.


To keep it short and sweet- you’re in demand!

£24billion is to be invested in the sector across the next 4 years. As we know from the above, a crucial part of this will involve the migration of existing platforms onto a more secure, and more efficient, Cloud platform.

Data suggests that there has been an 18% increase in demand for Cloud Engineers in the past year, whilst the demand for Senior Cloud engineers has increased by a HUGE 34%. Drilling down further, those with Cloud migration, app development, and cyber security experience are particularly sought after. For example, the demand for Microsoft Azure rose by a staggering 62% and AWS by 37%.

Geographically the hot spots for demand are London and the South West; more specifically Bristol, Cheltenham, and the wider Gloucester area.

How can candidates take advantage of the current market?

Look into qualifications
There are many courses and training initiatives in cloud technologies.


Look into the qualifications and accreditations available to you.

Data collected by the UK cyber security labour market suggests that 62% of cyber firms have employees working towards cyber security-related qualifications. The evolving nature of the market and the increased demand for Cloud (and related skill sets) means that there is going to be better quality courses and accreditations available across higher education, certified training, and apprenticeships.

How can employers stay on Cloud 9?

Look into training
Lack of progression for employees will hurt a company's growth.


They say every cloud has a silver lining. Look into further training and development for your current staff; the best candidates on the market move extremely quickly and have multiple offers at any one time. This is mainly due to the current skills crisis with the technology and digital space. To combat this, make your opportunities more appealing to new candidates and make the most of the current employees you have. Money doesn’t fix everything and money isn’t the only way you can make yourself seem attractive.

Your options are:

A) Pay the most money, or...

B) (Which is, in my opinion, the most effective in a continuously changing marketplace) Offer the most exciting opportunity with the greatest development pathway.

One of the main reasons employees leave roles is lack of progression; the ability to gain further skills makes employees feel fulfilled. If your employees feel fulfilled they are more likely to stay with you for a longer period of employment. They further build their understanding and experience within the Defence sector, and you build trust and loyalty.

For crying out Cloud (is set to continue…)

To be continued
The potential with cloud technologies is limitless


Cloud technology is going to be the foundation on which the Defence sector is going to build its future capability. Cloud technology allows the Defence sector to work more efficiently and effectively, and it supports the improvement and security of classified systems.

As the land, sea, space, air, and cyber security domains continue to grow, evolve, and develop we are  going to see continuous demand for ‘Cloud’ related skill sets and experience. The sky’s the limit.

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