Sanderson experience tech jobs increase in Edinburgh and Glasgow as sector thrives

Sanderson experience tech jobs increase in Edinburgh and Glasgow as sector thrives

We read, with interest, an article written for the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland by The Rt Hon Nadine Dorries MP, which details how Scotland's digital sector is booming, with tech roles increasing by over 25% in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Here is the article: Tech jobs increase in Edinburgh and Glasgow as the sector thrives.

What impact is the boom in the digital sector having at Sanderson Scotland? Richard Jones, a Principal Consultant in our Edinburgh office, shares his thoughts.

We have all seen the nature of the permanent recruitment landscape change dramatically over the last 18-24 months. From a steady and secure market in early 2020 to all recruitment taking a back seat as the pandemic set in and companies priorities changing from hiring mode to ensuring their current employees were able to work from home safely and securely and, their well-being considered after what was a very different and sometimes demanding time for everyone

We have seen a surge in companies demands on recruitment partners as they ask for technical and business skilled staff to aid with their growth as we move forward.

At Sanderson, we are using this as a real opportunity to look at things differently and how we work with our clients. Yes, it is a candidate-driven market now but, we are using this as a shift in focus with a considerable emphasis on the partnership aspect of how we work together. Identifying a candidate's skills on a CV and how they integrate into a role is only a fraction of the job. To ensure that we have spent time understanding the other aspects of what is required. Team fit, working culture, personal & technical development, long term goals of both parties are just some of the parts of the jigsaw we spend time in learning about to ensure that when we are passing candidates on, we are representing to a client, there is so much more for them to consider. With the partnership we have built and continue to develop, we are seen as an additional arm of their recruitment team and genuinely listen to our input and ideas. Something we do with the candidates as well to ensure that in a challenging market, the right talent and people are being selected and not just for the short term

We have to evolve in an ever-changing market to benefit everyone. Candidates who are looking for new roles and even those who are not active on the market want to be treated in a way that as a recruitment company, we provide them with the best options and service to allow them to make the correct change and decision rather than as just another place to send their CV.

We have seen over the past few months more and more of our clients buying into this ethos and listening to our ideas as we share their values and the interesting nature of their roles with new potential employees. We are hopeful this will continue to benefit everyone in the recruitment chain.

With an explosion in demand for skilled tech talent in Edinburgh and Glasgow over the past few months with companies across all industries increasing their hiring for specialist tech roles from software developers to systems architects, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver effective recruitment solutions including permanent and contract recruitment, executive search, projects-based solutions as well as RPO, MSP and talent on demand.

Contact us to so we can understand your situation and your needs – so we can work together towards success.

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