Introducing Sanderson Projects

Introducing Sanderson Projects

Sanderson Projects is a brand new model that provides high quality individuals and teams of interim change specialists and shares financial responsibility for the successful delivery of change. We are so confident in our people that we are prepared to put up to 30% of the total price at risk dependent upon positive outcomes for your projects.

Driving faster and more efficient delivery of projects will be key to many companies future success but as resourcing has become more commoditised and focused on process and cost there have been unintended consequences for those responsible for implementing change. Quality resources still exist (you know this from your own networks) but when businesses need to reach beyond those networks to the wider marketplace they may find that hiring managers are spending excessive time interviewing to try and find the good ones.

With Sanderson Projects, we have combined our extensive expertise in this field with state of the art people predictive analytics to select the best change resources and build them in to high performing teams. We will agree with you the desired outcomes on the project and then commit to making a significant proportion of the total price dependent upon achieving these. This includes a modest but notable commitment from the resources themselves with the highest quality resources positively seeking engagements of this kind where they can demonstrate their true value. In this way Sanderson, the resources and our clients are all aligned with common purpose; to successfully deliver change.

This is a logical and long-awaited arrangement that represents the next generation of resourcing models.

Supporting us in the development of this model has been Peter Hayes, former Director of Group Change Management at Lloyds Banking Group, who now joins Sanderson Projects as a Non-Executive Director. Peter said: 

 “The delivery of projects is the ultimate measure; better quality resources increase the chances of success and having all parties invested in those outcomes is a significant step forward.”

Clients want to partner with people and suppliers that care about the same things as them. For the first time we will be measured not only on the quality of the recruitment service that we provide but also on the quality of the outcomes that our teams deliver during the course of their assignments.

Sanderson Projects detail can be found here.