Chaucer unveils new partnership with Sanderson amidst continuing global growth

Chaucer unveils new partnership with Sanderson amidst continuing global growth

Chaucer has chosen to work in partnership with Sanderson’s to deploy a total talent acquisition services to help power the digital transformation consultancy’s global growth.

Chaucer has been rapidly expanding in the US and the UK, building on its strong bases in London, Houston, Chicago, and New York. The company is now looking to amplify its growth in these metropolitan hubs with the addition of fresh regional talent.

To deliver on client commitments, Chaucer is needing to fill over 100 roles in the next twelve to eighteen months- and that’s where Sanderson comes in. Sanderson will be sourcing and screening multiple varied roles for Chaucer’s expansion, these job opportunities include roles such as partners, consultants, and associates.

What does the partnership mean for Chaucer?

The partnership with Sanderson will enable Chaucer to continue punching above its weight, competing on an equal footing with the major global consultancies. As a firm of expert problem-solvers, the company is keen to expand the team with diverse candidates with a broad range of experiences. The end goal is agility, flexibility, and sustainable growth.

Chaucer wants to curate its innovative and resilient culture with new talent and to continue to embrace new ways of working. The selection of Sanderson as a partner embodies these ideals and will help access the right pool of people to bolster that culture.

Attracting the right people is always difficult, but Chaucer and Sanderson are confident that the benefits of working for a successful firm with a unique culture will speak for themselves. All of Chaucer will benefit from this passionate endeavour to build upon the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts and its innovative approach to career development, learning. and reward.

Excitement for the future of a new partnership

Thomas Fletcher, partner at Chaucer said: “We’ve been working successfully with Sanderson since 2020 and this is a natural next step for us to extend our talent team capacity with a firm that we trust and who has a strong cultural alignment to our own.

“Growing our business in a post-pandemic world will allow us new opportunities to tap into new, more regional talent pools in the UK and US that would not have previously been open to us and gives us the ability to offer exciting career opportunities to a wide range of people with a diverse background and experiences.”

Ross Crook, Managing Director of Sanderson’s Solutions, expressed his delight at being part of this partnership: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Chaucer on the next step of its Talent Acquisition journey and to bring our total talent solution to support them across the UK and, in due course, to roll out a global solution.

“As strategic partners this is a great opportunity for both parties, we recognise that Chaucer is doing something special and we’re really excited to partner with them on their strategic global growth plans. What Chaucer have been able to achieve throughout the pandemic is inspiring and we’re looking forward to further enabling their growth plans and being part of that success journey together.

“Over the coming months as we implement our new service, we’ll be building the attraction strategy and supporting the EVP to attract the very best talent in the market.’’