Data Architect

Job Title Data Architect
Sector IT
Location London, Guildford, Portsmouth
Type Permanent
Salary Confidential

Data Architect

Defines and resolves complex data collection, data integration, data storage and data access challenges to place key insights in the hands of decision makers at all levels of the organisation. The Enterprise Data Architect specialises in helping clients with cross-cutting programmes where a holistic view of the organisation is important, but can also direct and shape particular solutions where the data aspects are a critical success factor.

The appropriate candidate will ideally have experience of working with scientific data on large data platforms.

Experience of defining and extending Open Architectures would also be desirable

The team has been in discovery since Q3 2019 and is finalising first round architectural collateral whilst also moving into agile development and trial deployments in 2020.

The candidate must have strong team leadership skills and be capable of engaging with a range of (sometimes) very senior stakeholders, distilling the findings and requirements into actionable tasks; assigning said tasks to the teams in such a way which build towards the required deliverable. There is significant opportunity for growth within this role due to the complexity and breadth of the task; also potential to take on the Scrum Master role for the team.

Alongside the Design Artefacts, the team will be responsible for the design of ingest/hosting and exposure of sensor data on the large data platforms

Key Skills/Project Tasks:

  • Lead a multi-disciplined team of Data-specialists in developing a new sensor data standard and socialising result with appropriate stakeholders in industry and govt.
  • Work with minimal-to-no supervision on large and complex projects.
  • Set strategies for effective use of database and persistence technologies taking account of the complex interrelations between hardware/software.
  • Self-driven and is enable to navigate a complex technical and commercial landscape.
  • Canvas and understand legacy systems and data standards whilst maintaining a focus on key deliverables.
  • Lead the development of architectures for complex systems, ensuring consistency with specified requirements agreed with both external, and internal customers.
  • Establishes policy and strategy for the selection of systems architecture components working with Enterprise/Solution Architects as required. Co-ordinates design activities and good engineering practice e.g. based on Architecture Engineering Quick Start, promoting these disciplines to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Provides advice on technical aspects of system development and integration (including requests for changes, deviations from specifications, etc.). Ensures that relevant technical strategies, policies, standards and practices are applied correctly, consulting with technical experts as required.
  • Experience in drafting high and low level designs and progression through governance/assurance.
  • Exposure to Kafka, Hadoop stack, nifi, realtime streaming architectures, linux development, agile methods.

Nice to have:

  • Exposure to Maritime use-cases, concept of operations, combat doctrine.
  • Knowledge of Maritime Defence Sensors and their associated data

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