Sanderson Sponsor Voxxed Developer Conference

Written by Sanderson Recruitment | News | Digital Technology | Event | Posted 03/03/2017 15:00:47

Sanderson sponsored the Voxxed Developer Conference hosted by Dick Penny (CEO of the Watershed) at the Watershed Media Centre on Thursday 2nd March.Voxxed Days was a great chance for developers at all levels to get together and share various ideas & challenges in the development world, relating particularly to Java. Through a series of talks, panels and coffee breaks everyone had a great chance to network and get to know more about each others companies, ways of working and share some great concepts.

The event began with coffee and breakfast at 8.30am with a 9.15am start. Following on from an introductory talk and plenary keynote, there were sessions led by international and local developer experts such as Karina Propova from LINK mobility GmbH, and Slobodan Stojanovic from Cloud Horizon. These sessions covered a variety of themes for software developers such as Cloud Infrastructure and Platforms (e.g. IaaS & PaaS), Big Data and Analytics, Java and JVM languages, and Continuous Delivery and Deployment.

“It was amazing to see so many genuinelyb passionate, interesting and unbelievably clever people in the

development community. This, coupled with the buzz around how quickly new technology is progressing and integrating in our everyday lives, just strengthened the reason why I enjoy recruiting in this market so much.”

- Hannah Biggs